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Gritty Girl Performing Arts Camp

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Gritty Girl Performing Arts Camp

Posted on 28 July 2011 by Niki lopez

Gritty Girl Performing Arts Camp

© Gritty Girl Performing Arts Camp

Gritty Girl Performing Arts Camp

Celebrates its 3rd year in Broward County
Summer Camp runs the week of August 8th – 12th

Gritty Girl Performing Arts Camp celebrates year three this summer with its empowering arts and education project designed to uplift young women in our community. Gritty Girl, an arts education outreach project invites women and girls to learn about their rich histories through educational arts workshops and performances. The camp takes place the week of August 8th – 12thin Coconut Creek. The workshops occur from 9:30 to 4PM, M-F, with a performance on Friday afternoon. Please visit for more information.

Using an arts-integrated approach under the facilitation of Michelle Riu, professional singer-songwriter, actress, and teaching-artist, the girls create and perform original music, and act in original skits for the stage and the camera. Guest artists work with the girls to create empowering visual art pieces, design their own clothes and confidently and gracefully pose for the camera. The girls are encouraged to find their inner voice and powerfully express it, whether it be through singing, playing an instrument, making the audience laugh or cry, or staring down a photo camera with the power of their soul. Everyone has a story. What is hers?
No prior music, acting or arts experience required.

For more information, contact Michelle Riu at
305-951-9054 or e-mail

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Saturday August 6: Into the Rabbit Hole- Closing

Posted on 12 July 2011 by Niki lopez

Join us for the closing night.

Open mic starts at 8pm

Into The Rabbit Hole: Art + Performance + Workshops

By Niki Art StudioColabo Fingers at 1310 Gallery

Into The Rabbit Hole, a portal into the bizarre and exotic. A place where the hungry traveler can explore their inner voyeurism through the vastness of visual representation.

Come discover an alternate world through visual and performance arts at 1310 Gallery. It will be a feast for the eyes. Brought to you by the whimsical minds behind Niki Art Studio and Colabo Fingers.

Visual Artists: Niki Lopez, Luzalma Gonzalez, Leah Brown,
Brittany Smith, Christine Stone, Jah Linx, Maciel Vargas, PLA, Greg Dubois, Jonathan Hunt, Brandy Rumiez, BeartheBear, JanK, Parallax Squared, Idil Gözde, Katya Neptune , Patrick Garcia , MarcPaperScissor, David Jackson Rodriguez & Dick Sauer.

Opening night performances: Venus Rising: Women’s Drum & Dance EnsembleAlana DeCostaChaos Theory, and Silent Strangers.  Food sponsored by Be Organic.

RSVP on facebook here

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