Resilience: Survive. Grow. Thrive. – Exhibit opening

Interactive arts event brings Resilience to Foster Care Youth 

Andrew Innerarity
Terri Meredith
Dennica Pearl Worrell

1310 Gallery
Be Your Own Answer
Cameras For Kids Foundation
Voices for Children of Broward County
Prizm Art Fair
Supreme Esteem, Inc.

FORT LAUDERDALE – When you ask Neri Street, a community advocate and public speaker, what the word “resilience” means, she lights up. “It’s the concept that will make our community sustainable, address changing job markets, and how we teach the next generation of youth,” she says. “Innovation lights a spark, but resilience keeps the fire burning.”

On Saturday, May 17, Street curates an interactive arts and storytelling experience designed to immerse the audience into Resillence. That is the theme of 1310 Gallery’s 6th Annual May Arts Extravaganza. Every May since 2009, Street has collaborated with artists to raise awareness for causes supporting children and families. e.

“Resilience is critical for everyone, even for people whose lifestyle appears to be easy,” says Andrew Innerarity, an internationally acclaimed photojournalist whose work will be displayed at the event. “No one gets a completely easy path.”

That night, the event will feature 2-dimensional artists pushing the envelope on their work, and inspired performance. It will also feature short films (comedy, drama and experimental) on resilience, and the audience may choose to participate in “An Exercise in Resilience”. A portion of proceeds from any sales that evening supports Cameras for Kids, an innovative program that builds resilience in Broward’s foster care teens.

Betsey Chesler launched Cameras for Kids after volunteering with orphanages in South Africa. She saw how empowered vulnerable teens were behind a camera, and saw the same needs right here at home. Her program is now across the US and Canada. Funds go towards purchasing a basic point and shoot camera, memory cards, photography printing, framing, and shooting trips. “Photography opens a door that allows the kids to see their own potential,” says Chesler, “and it gives them an innovative skill set.”

Cameras for Kids works locally in partnership with Voices for Children and HANDY (Helping Abused Neglected Disadvantaged Youth), but they need community investment to continue. Street and Chesler have come together to raise the funds to sustain the program. The teens’ photography, and other select pieces at the event, will be on sale to support the program—which gives the youth a direct experience in entrepreneurship.


at 1310 GALLERY (directions)
1310 Gallery, Sailboat Bend Artist Lofts
1310 SW 2nd Court, Fort Lauderdale, 33312
Free parking on the street, and in adjacent lots
Event time: 

Opening: Saturday, May 17, 7 PM – 10 PM

Closing: Friday, June 13, 7 PM – 9 PM

Artists’ work pictured:
Pasqual, age 15
Untitled (Clasped hands)
Photography on archival paper

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Transforming Risk Art Exhibit

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For more info contact: Nerissa Street
Artists, filmmakers, performers push the envelope.
The result?
Their risk is your reward.

Free to the public.

What if your story is just what someone needs to hear to step out on faith?
Join us for Transforming Risk: on Saturday, May 18, come to 1310 Gallery between 7 – 9pm.

Tell us the story about the risk you are taking.
Maybe you’re a single dad who is changing to a lower paying job so you can spend more time with your little boy. Or maybe you’re finally going to put away the broken heart and date again. This project redefines risk; it doesn’t mean danger. It means freedom and joy.

If you are an artist, bring 1 to 3 pieces no larger than 4 ft x 6 ft that will be hung that night (our wall space is huge). Performers, bring yourself and your CD or images of your work. Contribute work on the night of “Transforming Risk”, and get 3 – 5 minutes on-camera to tell your story to our audience. Tell us your story: How does your work take a risk? How are you taking a risk by being a creative professional?
Selected interviews will be edited together for a closing and follow-up event on Friday, June 7.

Twitter: @riskchanger

ReVision: Art, Performance and Film

ReVision: See and Shift — Art, Performance and Film

How Art Helps the World See Things Differently

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“re: Vision” opens Saturday, May 19
closes: Saturday, June 9
1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale

Artists have the power to change how you see the world.
We can disturb or inspire you. This show chooses to inspire.
Visual art by:
Farah Artist
Virginia Fifield
Donna Haynes
Tim Hicks
Loni Johnson
Brooklyn Murphy
Michelle Oravitz

Performance Art by:
Iva Marc
Jill Slaughter of Raw Candor

3D Art and Sculpture by:
Jacklyn Laflamme

Featured musical guests:
and Jeffrey Altidor

“re:Vision” features artists, filmmakers, and performers who use their craft to transform how people see the everyday, the mundane, and the traditional.

Proceeds benefit Voices for Children, a non-profit that provides financial assistance and community resources to fulfill the unmet needs of abused and neglected children. Their goal is to help each child feel cared for and to provide the motivation to overcome the obstacles of foster care to become successful and productive adults. Voices for Children of Broward County supports the Guardian ad Litem Program in its efforts to advocate on behalf of abused, neglected and abandoned children.


Love Thy Neighbor: 1310 Gallery Artists Community Group Show

Love Thy Neighbor group art show - 1310 gallery


Group Show by Sailboat Bend Art Community

Opening Reception: Saturday February 18, 2012, 7-11 pm
Open House: Sunday February 26, 1-4pm; 
Closing Reception: Saturday March 3, 7-11pm

Admission: Free & Open to the Public

Announcing the first resident-only group art exhibition in over two years at 1310! This event will highlight the work of 27 prominent artists of the Sailboat Bend Artist community through Artspace at their 2,400 square foot, three-floor gallery. 

Although this creative enclave has transitioned through a flux-housing both prestigious and emerging local artists since their 2008 inauguration, this exhibition will be proudly featuring the wide-scope of talent nestled there. The newest works by a combination of the veteran residents first to move in to the lofts, as well as residents newer to the community should make for an interesting evening of art, music and culture in Fort Lauderdale.

Artists in the exhibition include:

  • Sonia Baez-Hernandez
  • Monica Barronton
  • Kerry Beasley
  • Barry Carmichael
  • Rory Carracino
  • Phillip Curtis
  • Asanyah Davidson
  • Louis Davis
  • Simone De Bernard Mas
  • Dana Dellacamera of Nakedown
  • DJ Onestar
  • Jeremiah Jenner
  • Nicole Kent
  • Laqui
  • Niki Lopez
  • Josafat Miranda
  • Suzanna Murphy
  • Cynthia Nichols
  • Greg Olivier
  • Nzingah Oniwosan
  • Chris Polzer
  • Claudia Polzer
  • Lisa Rockford
  • Diego Romero
  • Nerissa Street
  • Yudelka Tavera
  • Andy C. Trejo
  • Christine Velez-Stone.

The visiting audience can also share their “love” by contributing non-perishable food items in a drive for LifeNet4Families (formerly The Cooperative Feeding Program). With any three or more canned/boxed food items donated, each contributor will receive a raffle ticket for an opportunity to score original artwork from one of the generous artists-in-residence.

The artists at Sailboat Bend form a community located in downtown Fort Lauderdale through Artspace. The various disciplines and media include painters, photographers, writers, poets, sculptors, dancers, musicians, actors, graphic designers and non-profit organizations. Since 2008, the gallery has hosted monthly art exhibits, workshops, open studios, live performances, film screenings, and book readings-with over 48 events hosted in 2011 alone.
1310 Gallery is open by appointment in addition to the event times. For further information, please call 305-975-6262.

The Open House listed on Sunday, February 26th will be in conjunction with the Sounds on the Bend free live music concert and the Sailboat Bend Civic Association’s Walking Tour. For more information please visit: 

Public Speaking for Professionals

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Date: January 2012

Need to give engaging presentations?
Need to stand out as an expert in your field?
Need to make your name memorable to potential clients?
You’re a professional trying to distinguish yourself in the new market. How do you get your message across clearly and effectively?
Public speaking isn’t always on stage. Infuse your message with the passion and clarity needed to persuade someone to take action.
From 30-second elevator speeches to job interview panels, today’s professional can’t afford to speak without making an impact.
Overcome the number one barrier to effective communication.
Pinpoint the most powerful elements of your message.
Learn to adjust your delivery mid-stream to retain your target’s attention.
Craft a vision that can be communicated in 30 seconds or 30 minutes.
Using proven, interactive techniques, this never-boring clinic lets you lead your industry– and guarantee your success no matter the market.

Limited to 10 participants
3 hours of practical fun at a beautiful destination


To register – Click here

For more info:

Nerissa Street:
323-205-6374 (text only)


Theme:Legacy: What’s Left Behind
Date: May 18 – June 26, 2011
Produced by: Nerissa Street
Where: 1310 Gallery- Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts

More info: (954) 599-5210

“Strangers are exciting, their mystery never ends.
But, there’s nothing like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends.”—Ani DiFranco

This engaging, innovative and fun look at the impact of the sideways lives of artists and performers shows you the real effect of culture in the world. What remnants of yourself do you leave in others?

Featuring Performances by Don (mrfiddle) Hicks and The Adna Project
Flamenco performance by Miguelangel Diez and his Flamenco Tribe
With a leading-edge interactive installation by sound artist Angelo Caruso.

Sponsored by
Natural Elements by PS: Corporate and Social Events
Wild Abundance Films and
1310 Gallery

*Also featuring: A presentation by Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Broward.*

Proceeds benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Broward

Events during the month
May 21: Opening reception with performances and interactive art
May 26: Reception for the Broward County Historic Commission
June 18: Open House

June TBA: Closing event

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Artist Directory

  1. Anonymous
  2. Nzingha Oniwosan
  3. Monica Barronton
  4. Laura Peterson
  5. Diego Romero
  6. Niki Lopez
  7. Patrick Abouna
  8. Laqui
  9. Kate McCarthy
  10. Claudia Polzer
  11. Lutricia Welters
  12. Cynthia Nichols
  13. Michael Maddox
  14. Louis Davis
  15. Barry Carmichael
  16. Jeremiah Jenner
  17. Nerissa Street
  18. Emily Wolverton
  19. Lisa Rockford
  20. Jonathan Rockford
  21. Suzanna Murphy
  22. Timothy Travis
  23. Jennifer Toohey
  24. Vincent Frato
  25. Josafat Miranda