On Cloud 9: An innovative journey through art where the soul is realized and takes flight

SATURDAY, August 17, 2013
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Presented by Dana DellaCamera, Jeff Olivier & 1310 Gallery:

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An innovative journey through art where the soul is realized and takes flight

“Human beings have mastered the art of self sabotage now it’s time for us to master the art of self-love”, says co-curator Dana DellaCamera. Imagine a world where you are lit up with excitement. Where you allow yourself to dream, trust, develop, risk, expand, take action and create without limitations! When we listen to our hearts and trust our inner selves we experience a burst of energy and discover our true purpose.  That is the concept and focus of the show. “On Cloud 9” is an inspirational and innovative journey through where the soul takes flight. The show will leave you elevated. Come evolve with us and let your spirit soar!

There will be several featured artists on each of the 3 gallery floor levels. On the first floor, up and coming industrial design innovator, Jeff Olivier will be revealing his newest works. Jeff will be showcasing radical designs that break design rules regarding materials and production. Items will be made by wood, metal, glass, plastic, fiberglass, recycled materials, concrete, and cork. Jeff possesses a minimal, modern, and sleek style with an interesting use of unique materials.

The second floor will feature a variety of artists including Diego Romero, Melisa Caprio, Omnia Masoud, Anne DellaCamera, Eliane Harvey, Asanyah Davidson, Julian Acosta, Phillip Curtis, Xiomara Meza, Anique, Melisa Caprio and many more. In addition to being in art heaven, Bars Healing expert Faby will be facilitating free 15 minute individual healing sessions for guests on opening night.

The third floor will be transformed into a retro lounge playing ethereal music by the infamous DJ Onestar with refreshments provided by Zen Bartending. Entrepreneur and emerging artist Jessica Kizorek will be showing her first “Inner Light” series featuring back lit art that is sure to create a dynamic and chic ambiance.

Performing artist, singer and songwriter Dana DellaCamera will be performing a love story through music with Stephanie Espinosa, Beau, Rosali Rowlin, Sofia Carillo and Nikolize van der Merwe. Dana is known for her surprise entrances and audience participation. She guarantees to be entertaining, creative, and daring, a must see for the evening. For more information on Dana and to hear her music visit:http://danamdellacamera.wix.com/danadellacamera

The show will culminate with a closing event on September 7th from 6:00pm-9:00pm hosted by Dana DellaCamera called “Spark” which will be a networking event for artists and people wanting to connect with artists. Dana is launching “Spark” because it aligns with her Life and Business Coaching by Dana Company, where business meets art! Dana is committed that people do what they love and make a living doing it. Drinks and refreshments will be provided. Admission is free and there will be a 15 minute presentation on how artists can direct more traffic to their websites to generate sales.

Please spread the word!!! Join us on “Cloud 9” an innovative journey where the soul takes flight!!! Art+ Music+ Healing+ Fun Sat. Aug. 17th, 2013 7pm-11pmFree admission – open to the public! Come out and enjoy the AMAZING ART OF SOUTH FLORIDA’S HOTTEST ARTISTS!!!! WORD UP! C U there1 RSVPwww.cloud09show.com

About the producers of the show:

Dana DellaCamera
Dana is the lead singer and songwriter for alternative rock band Nakedown.  She is also a Business & Life Coach and member of the Sailboat Bend Artist Lofts.



Jeff Oliver

Is a Industrial/Consumer Product Designer and member of the Sailboat Bend Artist Lofts.




Love Thy Neighbor: 1310 Gallery Artists Community Group Show

Love Thy Neighbor group art show - 1310 gallery


Group Show by Sailboat Bend Art Community

Opening Reception: Saturday February 18, 2012, 7-11 pm
Open House: Sunday February 26, 1-4pm; 
Closing Reception: Saturday March 3, 7-11pm

Admission: Free & Open to the Public

Announcing the first resident-only group art exhibition in over two years at 1310! This event will highlight the work of 27 prominent artists of the Sailboat Bend Artist community through Artspace at their 2,400 square foot, three-floor gallery. 

Although this creative enclave has transitioned through a flux-housing both prestigious and emerging local artists since their 2008 inauguration, this exhibition will be proudly featuring the wide-scope of talent nestled there. The newest works by a combination of the veteran residents first to move in to the lofts, as well as residents newer to the community should make for an interesting evening of art, music and culture in Fort Lauderdale.

Artists in the exhibition include:

  • Sonia Baez-Hernandez
  • Monica Barronton
  • Kerry Beasley
  • Barry Carmichael
  • Rory Carracino
  • Phillip Curtis
  • Asanyah Davidson
  • Louis Davis
  • Simone De Bernard Mas
  • Dana Dellacamera of Nakedown
  • DJ Onestar
  • Jeremiah Jenner
  • Nicole Kent
  • Laqui
  • Niki Lopez
  • Josafat Miranda
  • Suzanna Murphy
  • Cynthia Nichols
  • Greg Olivier
  • Nzingah Oniwosan
  • Chris Polzer
  • Claudia Polzer
  • Lisa Rockford
  • Diego Romero
  • Nerissa Street
  • Yudelka Tavera
  • Andy C. Trejo
  • Christine Velez-Stone.

The visiting audience can also share their “love” by contributing non-perishable food items in a drive for LifeNet4Families (formerly The Cooperative Feeding Program). With any three or more canned/boxed food items donated, each contributor will receive a raffle ticket for an opportunity to score original artwork from one of the generous artists-in-residence.

The artists at Sailboat Bend form a community located in downtown Fort Lauderdale through Artspace. The various disciplines and media include painters, photographers, writers, poets, sculptors, dancers, musicians, actors, graphic designers and non-profit organizations. Since 2008, the gallery has hosted monthly art exhibits, workshops, open studios, live performances, film screenings, and book readings-with over 48 events hosted in 2011 alone.
1310 Gallery is open by appointment in addition to the event times. For further information, please call 305-975-6262.

The Open House listed on Sunday, February 26th will be in conjunction with the Sounds on the Bend free live music concert and the Sailboat Bend Civic Association’s Walking Tour. For more information please visit: