Saturday August 6: Into the Rabbit Hole- Closing

Join us for the closing night.

Open mic starts at 8pm

Into The Rabbit Hole: Art + Performance + Workshops

By Niki Art StudioColabo Fingers at 1310 Gallery

Into The Rabbit Hole, a portal into the bizarre and exotic. A place where the hungry traveler can explore their inner voyeurism through the vastness of visual representation.

Come discover an alternate world through visual and performance arts at 1310 Gallery. It will be a feast for the eyes. Brought to you by the whimsical minds behind Niki Art Studio and Colabo Fingers.

Visual Artists: Niki Lopez, Luzalma Gonzalez, Leah Brown,
Brittany Smith, Christine Stone, Jah Linx, Maciel Vargas, PLA, Greg Dubois, Jonathan Hunt, Brandy Rumiez, BeartheBear, JanK, Parallax Squared, Idil Gözde, Katya Neptune , Patrick Garcia , MarcPaperScissor, David Jackson Rodriguez & Dick Sauer.

Opening night performances: Venus Rising: Women’s Drum & Dance EnsembleAlana DeCostaChaos Theory, and Silent Strangers.  Food sponsored by Be Organic.

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Colors, Lines & Soul

Theme: Colors, Lines & Soul
Date:  August 15 – September 12, 2009
Produced by: Niki Lopez
Where: 1310 Gallery- Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts


This show combined a great mixture of local visual artist, performance art, and a mini show “Recession Proof Art” that included a wall of artwork for sale between the prices of $25-$100.

Visual Artist:

  • Niki Lopez
  • Andre Fraizier
  • Claudia Polzer
  • Laura Peterson
  • Tabatha Mudra
  • Klodi Lemoine
  • Kazilla


  • Stephanie Osorio
  • DJ Onestar
  • Kris
  • T.Q.


  • Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
  • Be Organic

Over 100 local art patrons created a event that had a great eclectic vibe.  There were various performing artists, open mic, and photoshoot raffle.

More images from the event on Facebook


Date:  July 2, 2011
Produced by: Lisa Rockford
Where: 1310 Gallery- Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts

More info:

Lisa Rockford & 1310 Gallery present a one week exhibition on three floors with Innovative works by Regional Artists, ranging from Drawing to Fiber art to Sound and Installation art. Lisa Rockford set a precedent for curatorial flair with her the Myth of Power exhibition at 1310 Gallery for ART FALLOUT 2010, which drew over 500 attendees to the opening.

Can Florida College Adjuncts practice what they preach? ADD JUNCTURE answers that question with a sampling of the range of talent found in Florida academia. Two Floors are dedicated to this juried group exhibition of 17 Artists. These individuals live a double life: Making a living as Part-time art Professors at Florida Colleges or Universities, and simultaneously dedicated to their Professional art careers, creating and exhibiting in National museum and Gallery shows.

The exhibition highlights works by Leslie Elsasser of University of South Florida, that were created with a Fulbright to India where she learned from Lemogul miniaturists, working with two classical Indian painters who had lineage back to the mogul royal painting workshops.

and Gorgeta Fondos, who immigrated to the US in 2003 after receiving an arts education in Fine Arts with specialization in Fiber Arts at schools in Moldova, Romania, and Greece. Using the flame as a tool, Georgeta experiments with singeing and scorching various textiles. The matchstick’s flame is being directed to “draw”, “paint”, and “sculpt” elegant three-dimensional forms that evoke ideas of change, transformation, destruction, and loss. Metaphorically, at the level of human condition, she sees burning as a force that produces emotional excitement and agitation, but also discomfort, pain, and suffering.

Other artists in the exhibition include:

  • Sibel Kocabasi, who recently won the 2010 South Florida Cultural Consortium
  • Rod Appleton
  • Ariel Baron-Robbins
  • Angelica Clyman
  • Ashley E. Craig
  • Natasha Duwin
  • Connor Goodman
  • Patricia Lois Nuss
  • Nicole A. Martinez
  • Kristin Miller Hopkins
  • Paula Kolek
  • Raymond Olivero
  • Tyler K. Smith
  • Carmen Tiffany
  • LeeAnna Yater
  • Nikolaos Yulis

The First Floor is dedicated to a Solo Exhibition of New Works by Nannette Cherry.
The portrait has been a common element in the art of Nannette Cherry over the years. Borrowing from the work of the Old Masters, while adding a Surrealist touch, Cherry employs digital manipulation before committing the imagery to canvas or paper. The distortions, which trademark these portraits, speak to the idea that our perceptions and memories can easily be skewed, just as the presented image is. The series includes both oil paintings and soft pastel drawings, frequently presented in atypical color schemes that suggest psychedelic art influences, as well as nod to the notion that our perceptions are variable and often unpredictable.

Nannette resides in Orlando, Florida. Her work has been shown throughout Florida, New York and Chicago.

OPENING RECEPTION Sat. 7/2/2011, 7-10pm
CLOSING RECEPTION Fri. 7/8/2011, 7-10pm

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Theme:Legacy: What’s Left Behind
Date: May 18 – June 26, 2011
Produced by: Nerissa Street
Where: 1310 Gallery- Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts

More info: (954) 599-5210

“Strangers are exciting, their mystery never ends.
But, there’s nothing like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends.”—Ani DiFranco

This engaging, innovative and fun look at the impact of the sideways lives of artists and performers shows you the real effect of culture in the world. What remnants of yourself do you leave in others?

Featuring Performances by Don (mrfiddle) Hicks and The Adna Project
Flamenco performance by Miguelangel Diez and his Flamenco Tribe
With a leading-edge interactive installation by sound artist Angelo Caruso.

Sponsored by
Natural Elements by PS: Corporate and Social Events
Wild Abundance Films and
1310 Gallery

*Also featuring: A presentation by Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Broward.*

Proceeds benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Broward

Events during the month
May 21: Opening reception with performances and interactive art
May 26: Reception for the Broward County Historic Commission
June 18: Open House

June TBA: Closing event

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Artist Directory

  1. Anonymous
  2. Nzingha Oniwosan
  3. Monica Barronton
  4. Laura Peterson
  5. Diego Romero
  6. Niki Lopez
  7. Patrick Abouna
  8. Laqui
  9. Kate McCarthy
  10. Claudia Polzer
  11. Lutricia Welters
  12. Cynthia Nichols
  13. Michael Maddox
  14. Louis Davis
  15. Barry Carmichael
  16. Jeremiah Jenner
  17. Nerissa Street
  18. Emily Wolverton
  19. Lisa Rockford
  20. Jonathan Rockford
  21. Suzanna Murphy
  22. Timothy Travis
  23. Jennifer Toohey
  24. Vincent Frato
  25. Josafat Miranda