Public Speaking for Professionals

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Date: January 2012

Need to give engaging presentations?
Need to stand out as an expert in your field?
Need to make your name memorable to potential clients?
You’re a professional trying to distinguish yourself in the new market. How do you get your message across clearly and effectively?
Public speaking isn’t always on stage. Infuse your message with the passion and clarity needed to persuade someone to take action.
From 30-second elevator speeches to job interview panels, today’s professional can’t afford to speak without making an impact.
Overcome the number one barrier to effective communication.
Pinpoint the most powerful elements of your message.
Learn to adjust your delivery mid-stream to retain your target’s attention.
Craft a vision that can be communicated in 30 seconds or 30 minutes.
Using proven, interactive techniques, this never-boring clinic lets you lead your industry– and guarantee your success no matter the market.

Limited to 10 participants
3 hours of practical fun at a beautiful destination


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Nerissa Street:
323-205-6374 (text only)