“The Art Of Brew: Salutations” Art Fallout Closing Reception

"The Art Of Brew: Salutations" Art Fallout Closing Reception | 5pm October 15, 2011

“The Art of Brew: Salutations” art exhibition opened September 30, 2011 as part of a fundraiser event and auction in benefit of the Young At Art Museum opening spring 2012 in Davie. The show will run open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 2 PM – 8 PM, until its closing reception on Saturday October 15, 2011 as part of “Art Fallout: A Day for Contemporary Art in Downtown Fort Lauderdale”, at The Project Space in F.A.T. …Village (519 NW 1st Ave)

Installation view: Henriques, Lo Castro, Rucker and Spechler

The exhibition features work by: Leah Brown, Pablo Cano, Rory Carracino, Adrienne Chadwick, Clifton Childree, Peter Exley, Rachel Henriques, Douglas Hoekzema, Nino Aliguori, Francesco Lo Castro, Jillian Mayer, Josafat Miranda, Margi Nothard, Christine Rucker, Mindy Shrago, Serafima Sokolov, Ali Spechler, Peter Symons, Ilian Velasco, Michelle Weinberg and Purvis Young.

Installation view: Sokolov, Aliguori, Rucker, Young, Symons and Mayer

In a particularly ambitious installation, members of the Bedlam Lorenz Assembly non-profit utilized the two-weeks prior to the event’s opening to transform the 10,000 sq ft industrial warehouse space into a pop-up art show reminiscent of an art fair off-shoot from Miami Beach’s Art Basel. The team, headed by BLA Founder and Principal Organizer Zack Spechler and Project Manager Anthony DelGreco with the help of Derek Shambora and Anthony Barrineau of event-sponsor Eco Simplista, constructed a floor plan of walls and through a sponsorship by Brilliance Lighting Solutions had track-spotlights installed. The process altogether can be seen, as documented, in artist Andrea Trejo’s photo-essay montage video installation “Procession”.

"Double Dealer" 2010 by Rachel Henriques (acrylic on canvas 50" x 144")

The group show plays host to a broad range of some of South Florida’s most significant contemporary emerging and established artists. Jillian Mayer of David Castillo Gallery in Wynwood, fresh off the heels of being awarded the 2011 South Florida Cultural Consortium and the cover page of Art Papers magazine’s September publication, premiered her new interactive light box installation “Applause Box”. Prolific painter and definitive icon of South Florida’s muralist tradition, Francesco Lo Castro, shows both a triptych of large portraits and the last remaining triptych from his multimedia painting through layered resin on wood series.

Installation view: Henriques, Carracino

Also prominently featured are Fort Lauderdale artist and gallerist figures, Leah Brown and Peter Symons. Brown’s latest work, “Harnessing”, a life-scale sculpture, depicts a weary female figure in a pink dress with matching suede boots riding on top of a headless cow while entangled in a conical arch of hair extended from both ends of the weathered ungulate. In the booth surrounding the sculpture is, Mexico City-born and Miami-based artist, Josafat Miranda’s large-scale work on paper “Il Ribelle Senza Flori”, a graphite, ink and oil composite portrait adorned with a motorcycle helmet and a wreath of pink gerber daisies around its shoulders. Other highlight works include Ali Spechler’s beautifully painted oil on linen portraits of culturally secular Jews in conflicted contexts; new compositions of biomorphic accumulation from Adrienne Chadwick’s “Organism Series”; an 11′ panoramic spray paint on canvas abstraction in a blue-green color palette by another prolific South Florida muralist, Douglas Hoekzema, mirroring his mural testimonial to can-control on the building’s exterior; an expansive painting by Purvis Young from his estate; and two 10′ x 16′ murals, one in a gold frame painted entirely through an interactive performance by exploded water balloons of “Manzoni’s artist blood” and the other a black and white spray painting titled “A Brief Summary Of The History Of Graffiti”, created by the show’s curator and Art Director of the Bedlam Lorenz Assembly, Rory Carracino.

"Applause Box" 2011, by Jillian Mayer (mixed media, dimensions variable)

In the auction portion of the exhibit, which closed for bidding on September 30, 2011 is a scaled-down highlight reel of donated works from many of the artists who are a part of the new Young At Art Museum’s permanent collection and other participants from the event’s exhibition. Stand-outs include a C print photograph by honored and decorated photographer, and founder of Girls’ Club, Francie Bishop Good of David Castillo Gallery; the film “She Sank On Shallow Bank” with handmade packaging by Hilger Artist Project Award recipient Clifton Childree of Miami’s Dorsch Gallery; a studio drawing by Pablo Cano illustrating a narrative from his celebrated marionette performance “The Beginning”; and a print with her signature “Very Good” text-tag line by consummate art professional and creative director of Girls’ Club, Michelle Weinberg.

Installation view: Velasco, Spechler, Miranda, Chadwick and Carracino

Niki Lopez

Niki Lopez Afro-Latina, Queer, interdisciplinary Visual Artist, Curator, Social Practioner, Cultural Programer, award-winning Graphic Designer and Mom. Lopez is best known for her masks and a collection of works dealing with some of her trauma and healing through the arts which inspired her to create What’s Your Elephant ®. Lopez produces “The Circle”, a bi-weekly Facebook/Youtube live-video podcast sharing stories of our creative community, activists & social entrepreneurs. Niki’s advocacy includes mental health, self-care, and diversity in swimming. Lopez is one of the founding members of the Sailboat Artist Lofts.

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